We are inspired by an impactful mentality – live simply and surrounded by love. As basic as that sounds, it became the driving force behind Barnyard Designs. The things we keep, the memories we collect, and the stories attached to each souvenir all live within our home. Our home is comprised of things that warm our hearts.

That’s why all of our designs are influenced by farmhouse style. The nostalgic feel of the farmhouse lifestyle reminds us that life is simple and warm with love.

Whether you live in a bustling city or quiet suburb, a little reminder of a simpler life will help soothe your mind. Our goal is to turn your house into not only your home, but your sanctuary. We hope to make this world a little warmer and a little sweeter, one home at a time. Help us spread this love to you and your loved ones.

With Warmth
Barnyard Designs