How to Get a West Elm Look on a Budget

How to Get a West Elm Look on a Budget

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “sooner or later, everything old is new again.” Well this certainly rings true with rustic vintage home décor.

Wooden plaques, tin signs, rustic chairs are all trendy items, that can easily be found on the sales floor of West Elm. The only problem is that West Elm can sometimes become a bit pricey.

But have no fear, because we’re here to help you uncover ways to get you that West Elm look you crave for, while sticking to a friendly budget. Before you begin your vintage renovation, you need to focus on three areas of your home that will give you the ability to really show off your vintage décor ideas. 
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Kitchen
These might sound like basic areas for you to focus on, but you’ll be surprised as to how much they’re often neglected. Each one of them serves a purpose in helping your home achieve the vintage rustic look you desire.


Color is essential for any home. But it is imperative that you select the right color palette in order to achieve that true vintage feel. You obviously want to stay away from neon bright colors, as well as dark and gloomy ones. Your goal is to aim for those typical fall colors and mix them in with some neutral blues and yellows.

Utilizing color palettes such as these shown on Shutterstock, will help you map out a plan that’ll leave your home looking just right! 


It’s also important to be cognizant of the décor you’re putting up on your walls. In order to achieve that West Elm look, you ideally want to use items such as wooden plaques, and tin signs. Over at Barnyard Designs, you’ll find a great collection of both wooden plaques and tin signs, that will really liven up your place – leaving your guests thinking that you’ve decked your walls with West Elm wooden wall hangings. 


Paint and door knobs is all you’ll need here!

Using a vintage color scheme palette as we mentioned before, will help you visualize what color your doors should be. The best part is that once you have the color selected, you can buy the paint, and paint them yourself.

Creating an antiqued vintage style door is a lot easier than you might expect.  Home Talk is a great site that provides articles that have a couple easy steps, that’ll turn your doors into a stylistically vintage accessory.

Door knobs are often overlooked, yet they can provide a great stylistic accent, further giving you the vintage design you’re looking for. By replacing your modern door knobs with dull gold ones, or ones containing a rustic design, you’ll give your door a vintage rustic flavor that was not there from before.


This is going to be your bread and butter to making sure your home achieves that vintage look. Every little thing in your kitchen matters. The style and color of the cabinets, the backsplash, the look of your appliances, and even your cups and dishes will all play a role in creating a vintage look.

A complete kitchen renovation can be quite expensive. But luckily there are plenty of DIY ideas that will leave your kitchen with a West Elm aura. There are some simple changes you can immediately make to your kitchen.

For example, changing your regular dishes and cups to vintage farm house plates and mason jars, is one easy way for you to start giving your kitchen a vintage feel.

For those looking to further change their kitchen into a vintage West Elm dream, adding a checkerboard floor, a farmhouse sink, and vintage appliances will go a long way. But these can sometimes prove to be costly. If that’s the case, there are some other simple things you can do around your current kitchen that will still help you achieve your vintage look.

Adding wall paper, and giving your kitchen a simple rustic paint job, will help turn your current kitchen into a vintage classic goody, without the hassle of having to spend top dollar for a full blown renovation. You can also do other simple things to achieve a vintage look such as adding a plate rack, a rustic breadbox, or even adding stained glass windows.

You might’ve just read that last part and thought, “Stained glass windows, really?”. Yep!

Stained glass windows are a great way to achieve an old school vintage look that’ll really make your kitchen and your home pop. It’s really not that hard to accomplish either. Check out this article from A Beautiful Mess, which will help walk you through the process of converting your current windows into vintage classics.

Achieving that West Elm look doesn’t have to be expensive. Following the tips we laid out for you will help turn your home into a vintage abode, while being cost-efficient.



February 25, 2019 — Jack B2C