Barbara from Barnyard Designs

Hello there!

First, I want to personally thank you for visiting Barnyard Designs! What started from my love for country home decor has blossomed into an entire barnyard-loving community. I’m proud to say our designs are brightening the homes of people all over the world!

Having grown up in rural upstate New York, I’ve admired the open apple orchards and simple country life from an early age. So when I moved to bustling Southern California 10 years ago, I wanted my house to reflect those sweet childhood memories.

I wanted home to feel like home.

Unsatisfied with the options I found, I set out to create the pieces that reminded me of the days on my grandfather’s farm or the smell of hot coffee in the morning. I realized early on that many people were searching for that same familiar feeling, but that the idea of home can be different for all of us.

I started Barnyard Designs so we can all find something that reminds us of home and I’ve been overwhelmed by the amazing response ever since! I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to be a part of the family. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!